A novel tool for endoscopy

The Endojoystick is a device for use by professionals. It reduces the load experienced by medical doctors during endoscopic procedures.

At the same time, it allows dynamic positioning of the endoscope and makes precise micro-movements easy.

It is used daily by professionals across Europe and enables them to perform procedures more effectively and with less strain.


Reduces strain caused by prolonged use of endoscope

The Endojoystick significantly decreases muscle force and load during endoscopic procedures. It minimizes the risk of overloading of the body. Also, it lowers the level of muscle force during static holding of endoscope.

Increases precision of micromovements

Endojoystick enables free movement in 3 axes (2 lateral, 1 rotational), while holding the weight of the endoscope. If needed, the lateral axes movement can be independently locked.

Protects the endoscope

The Endojoystick protects the endoscope against accidental breaking due to excessive stress towards the proximal end of the tubular portion, thus reducing costs for repairs.

Reprocessable using standard procedures

The device can be reprocessed using standard procedures and chemical disinfection agents and detergents used for reprocessing of endoscopes.

Independently evaluated

The effect of the device was confirmed by independent ergonomy testing lab (see the report below) and rigorous evaluation by experienced surgeons.


Durable materials

For manufacturing, we use medical-grade thermoplastic composites, titanium and 316L stainless steel to ensure optimum performance even after prolonged use. All parts were rigorously tested against aggressive disinfectant agents.

Certificates and papers

The product was tested by an independent ergonomy lab ``Premedis s.r.o.``, which confirmed its positive effects.

Are you interested?

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